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Developing Good Study Habits

If you establish wise routines early in your academic career, you will find the many jobs that you must complete as a student will be much easier to complete. Those habits can follow you for a lifetime. Most of them are pretty easy to learn and you will see an immediate difference once you begin to use them. Use our tips in order to get started right away.

Use a planner at school-as you move from class to class make sure to use a planner. When you get an instruction sheet from your teacher on the essay, tuck in safely in the pockets of your planner. Then immediately stop and write the important due dates for the piece in your planner. It needs to be small enough to fit in your backpack and large enough to write your notes in and keep your informational sheets in.

Go for extra aid-go for the teacher extra assistance during the times when you have composition work due. The teacher will have more one-on-one time in order to give you personal assistance such as proofing or research. Always use this valuable resource.

Have a dedicated study area-if you have a roomy, well lit, and supply stocked work area, the time you are composing will be used more effectively. You can relax away from distractions and give your absolute best to the job at hand. This work should not be done at the kitchen table, from the couch, or while playing video games. Put the distractions away and begin to compose your piece.

Learn to take time with the rough draft-if you are careful and thorough when writing the rough draft, then the final draft process will go much easier. You should take the time to proof between the rough and the final draft. Do the extra work upfront for the best results.

Small steps

if you look at the process in small steps instead of one giant job, you may find it easier to complete. The sense of accomplishment is quite rewarding. Before you know it, you will have completed the whole piece in a series of baby steps. Write the schedule of the process and make sure you stick to the schedule. Be realistic about the time it will take to complete each piece. Put the due dates in your class planner and also on your desk schedule, that way they will not sneak up on you. You will always be a few steps ahead of the due dates. Remember, everything is easier in baby steps.

Go to the writing lab often-if you are lucky enough to have a school lab, then you need to make sure that you go there frequently. The lab will have a person there who can assist you with the job, help to edit, and may even help you with your research. This important tool may have specific hours of operation, so call and find out and the next time you have an assignment, go there for professional and speedy aid. You should know and use the lab as often as you can for assistance.


Seek help if necessary-if at any point you are so behind or in over your head that you do not know where to turn, hire a professional for aid. You could hire a freelance writer, hire a tutor, or go to a company who specializes in this type of aid. The costs will vary, so know your budget upfront. Never be ashamed to ask for assistance from a professional.

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